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Prior Retreats

Belize Retreat

February 18-25, 2023

Ahhhh Belize….
Escape to a haven of adventure and relaxation and reconnect with yourself! Whether you’d like to laze in the beautiful scenery at the beach or poolside, or to seek thrills with the wind in your hair, Metta School of Yoga presents you with nothing short of the perfect retreat experience. Enjoy unmatched comfort and create memories by joining us in paradise.
Come with us on a journey to beautiful Belize. The Belize Collections Resort in quaint Hopkins, Belize is a unique experience at one of the up-and-coming vacation destinations. Join us in nourishing your mind, body and spirit while exploring the hidden beauty of Belize.
Our mornings will begin with sunrise meditations for those that are early risers. Followed by a morning yoga session with a view of the amazing beach.
The morning practice will be followed by breakfast featuring outstanding local foods and recipes at the amazing resort restaurant. The days are yours to spend as you wish: at the pool and hot tub, lounging, using the spa services (they offer a full-service menu if you are interested), and a variety of ½ and full day amazing adventures Monday thru Friday, which can be booked once we arrive. These can include tours of Mayan ruins, snorkeling, barrier reef tours, cave tours, etc.
Our evenings will offer several types of optional classes throughout the week. We’ll close each day with dinner and sharing friendship on the beach. There are different meal packages that are offered. We would recommend mixing it up for lunch and dinner at some of the local establishments.

Retreat Testimonials

Metta 2023 Belize Yoga Retreat – “I connected deeper with my practice, had great conversations with an amazing group of people all surrounded by the beautiful beaches of Belize, do the Metta thing, change your life!!” – Shawn

Incredible learning experience! You will feel nurtured and supported in your yoga practice. – Michelle

My highlights on our retreat in Belize were first the yoga & meditation. The yoga practice was unmatched. It taught me something new every class and challenged me to a new level. The meditation allowed me peace & serenity, sealing my mind, body & spirit in complete gratitude and compassion. Sharing this space with new & old friends was an added plus.

I chose a beachfront room where I would wake up before sunrise and enjoy my coffee.
I did the ATM Mayan cave tour. It’s one not to miss. You are surrounded by spectacular sights throughout the cave. It’s really a travel back in time.

I also did the bio luminescence river tour. The river lite up with colors of blue and green as the water was moved. You could follow the fish as they darted around the boat. The night sky was bright with stars without the interference of city lights.

One of the chefs, Cleveland, treated us to to the most tasty jalapeño and peanut soup when he heard me ask if soup was on the lunch menu. I asked that he not prepare anything special but he insisted. It was the best food I had! – Joanne

I attended the retreat in Belize 2023 sponsored by Meta School of Yoga.  Thank you Marcy and Ken for such a wonderful retreat.  I loved that you both could reach the trained and untrained in our daily yoga practice.  The Yoga times were absolutely perfectly timed for an exceptional experience in Belize.  I love your laid back, loving energy, even though I am full of questions.  I especially enjoyed the opt in or opt out of different activities without judgement as I know, deep inside,  your authentic desire is for me, to have the best time ever—-which I did!  💗  With Love, Jill. I am looking forward to 2024